Designer Answers is here to make a design career accessible for you, the next generation. In high school, we felt a creative career was impossible but we are here to tell you that it is. So ask away!

Loisse, Experience Designer

Loisse Ledres is a Filipina + Cebuana designer & illustrator who loves creating bold, colorful art that transports people into new worlds and makes them feel less invisible. She was a theater kid and singing, dancing and talking with other creative people is something she wants to do forever.

Kenisha, Designer

Kenisha is a Filipino American designer with a focus on creating inclusive, accessible, and engaging experiences who used to bubble letter her classmates’ names so she could make friends. 

Yewon, UX Designer

Yewon is a Korean UX designer who aims to help both the brands and users to have a smooth and uninterrupted time to the point that their main focus becomes the product/content and nothing else. As a lover of singing, dancing, and making videos, she wants to leave a positive impact through anything she does.

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Land Acknowledgement and Action

This acknowledgement is a work in progress as we continue to learn how to support Indigenous people, beliefs and lands.

We are designers that currently create on stolen land.

If you are an organization or educational institution that primarily serves Indigenous, Black and brown students, we would love to share our experience about design with your students at your request through class visits or gathering customized design resources. Let us know how we can support your work by emailing us at

Based on, we are based in territories that were originally stewarded by the Lenape (New Jersey, Brooklyn, NY) and Paiute (Las Vegas, NV). This project is rooted in a love for art and a belief that creativity is empowering, especially for communities that have been excluded from accessing this knowledge and skill.

Learn about the territories you occupy through